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Bethyl Wins the CiteAb Researchers’ Choice Award

Montgomery, Texas, April 1, 2021

Bethyl Laboratories, Inc., a leading supplier of antibody products and custom antibody services, has won the 2021 CiteAb Researchers’ Choice Award. The CiteAb awards recognize both suppliers and individuals who make notable contributions in the life sciences reagent sector.

“The Bethyl team would like to thank all of the scientists who nominated us for the Researcher’s Choice Award,” said Bethyl CEO John Carwile. “We are humbled by the recognition and remain committed to supporting scientific discovery by providing researchers with high quality antibodies. 

Carwile also acknowledged the team who manufacture and rigorously validate all Bethyl antibodies at their labs in Texas. 

“My sincere appreciation also goes out to every member of the team here in Montgomery for your tireless commitment to quality and best-in-class customer support, which made this award possible,” he added. 

Nominations for the CiteAb Researchers’ Choice Award were submitted by Bethyl customers based on their experience with Bethyl products and services in 2020.

Dr Andrew Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, said: “This is a highly competitive category, but nominations for Bethyl Laboratories really made it stand out. Researchers commented on the exceptional quality of their products, fantastic customer service, and the ability to purchase trial sizes of most reagents. The company clearly goes above and beyond!”

Bethyl carries a broad portfolio of recombinant antibodies for a range of applications, in addition to custom and bulk services. To learn more about Bethyl antibody products and services, visit:

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Bethyl Laboratories has been acquired by Fortis life Science.  To learn more visit:

About Bethyl Laboratories: Bethyl Laboratories, Inc. has been dedicated to improving lives by supporting scientific discovery through its qualified antibody products and custom polyclonal services since its founding in 1972. Bethyl has a global reputation for quality, consistency and first-class customer care. Every antibody that Bethyl sells is manufactured to exacting standards in Montgomery, Texas, and is validated in-house by a team of scientists. From the veterinary facilities to the development, production, and validation labs, the entire Bethyl team focuses on delivering quality products and delighting customers.

About Fortis Life Sciences: Fortis Life Sciences is a strategic platform company providing capital, expertise, and operational resources to enable the growth and success of founder-led life sciences tools companies. Founded in 2020, Fortis Life Sciences has a vision of creating a unique life sciences company focused on offering world class products coupled with the best customer experience in the industry.

We Make Every Antibody We Sell.

Bethyl is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of product and service quality. Recognizing that your research and time are valuable, we promise to stand behind our products. Every Bethyl product ships with a 100% guarantee; choose Bethyl antibodies with confidence.

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